Purchase on credit

Dear Clients!

Installment for 3 and 6 months from "Home Credit Bank" is available in our store for citizens of Kazakhstan only. When buying in installments without overpayment for goods without a discount, discounts by discount cards or other discounts are not applicable!

The maximum limit for registration by installments is set by the bank at 1,500,000 tenge.If the amount of your purchase exceeds this limit and, nevertheless, you want to issue an installment plan without overpayment, in this case, you can apply for 1,500,000 tenge in installments, but you will have to pay the difference to the cashier immediately.

The maximum limit for old-age pensioners is limited by 500,000 tenge. Pensioners are: women from 59.5 years old and men from 63 years old. The maximum age of the borrower must not exceed 75 years.

For registration of payment by installments, only an identity card is required. Additionally from pensioners, pension certificate is required. Additionally, from military employees, military service ID is required.

You can arrange an installment plan on any day of the week directly in the store, the whole process will take no more than 30 minutes.

We would like to emphasize that our store cannot affect the likelihood of approval of the payment by installments by the bank, the client's solvency is assessed by "Home Credit Bank".